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I missed posting a prompt for What If? yesterday, and today's Reading Room hasn't materialized either. My apologies for being off my game here but honestly, life has been throwing in distractions and weird schedules that I'm trying to fit into the normal box.
So, since I have today off and time is not slipping away too quickly, I'm posting what will hopefully be a help to all of us for the next few weeks.
[livejournal.com profile] alynwa has already announced the hiatus for Song Story, and I'm going to add to that and hope it is a moment for all of us to catch our breath, creatively speaking.
What If? will also be on hiatus for the rest of June and possibly July.  Let's use the time to catch up, write the stories you wanted to write but didn't get finished or even started.
Thursdays, which would have been Song Story and What If? days, are now open for everything you've missed out on.  Prompts from any challenge can be the focus of any story you want to post on Thursday, from Short_Affair to PicFic, Song Story, What If?, and challenges we aren't even currently running.  Remember What's My Line? Well, click on the tag and see if any of those prompts pique your interest.  Same goes for any prompt we've ever had here on Section VII.
Fifty years ago, 1967, was the Summer of Love.  Well, let's love MFU this summer and bring on the stories you have wanted to write but just didn't have time to finish.  Open up your minds to the Summer of MFU Love Challenge, and write what your heart is dictating to you now.
Ready, Set, LOVE...

artwork from the summer of love art project

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I'm late getting to the prompt, but here it is...
If I didn't have bad luck I'd have no luck at all.

As always, stories are gen or at least live in that neighborhood.
Minimum of 500 words, with no limits on length. 

no title
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The prompt: I don't believe you said that!

Dr. Charlie Cummings of the psych department sat in the Commissary eating his salami on white bread sandwich for lunch. He ate that everyday, bringing it from home, and only purchasing his coffee.

The balding man with thick glasses, sitting there in his white lab coat was eavesdropping on the banter going back and forth between Solo and Kuryakin; they were seated at their usual table in the back corner.

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The posting begins for What's My Line? ,
and the prompt is I can't believe you said that!
By clicking on the prompt you can access the original post with the other pertinent details,
or click on the tag line to read more entries from this challenge.
You can post today through Sunday, or catch up at a later date.

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I may be changing up the date a bit, but we'll have time in between the Boo from UNCLE and the Halloween Challenge on Scrapbook, so...
500 word minimum, Gen or close to it
(it's Halloween, so I guess we have a little literary license to be be weird),
post from Thursday through Sunday.
Here it is...
I don't believe you said that!
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Apologies if this seems a little rushed. I'm at the tail end of a migraine and this is the only time I've had to write it.


Prompt - What do you mean it's on its way?

Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin had to drive almost two miles off the main highway before they found what they were looking for. It wasn’t at all what they expected.

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The prompt: ”What do you mean it's on its way?”

Napoleon’s modus operandi for when it came to wooing women was pretty formulaic. He’d take them out for a nice dinner and maybe dancing afterwards, hopefully to end up back at the lady’s place for something more intimate.

Usually it was an invitation to her apartment for a drink or two, after which the serious necking began, the roaming of hands and finally segueing to her boudoir for a night of passionate love making.

However, he wasn’t always looking for such an invitation. Sometimes he just wanted to enjoy the company, and a little interesting conversation.  Though Illya refused to believe it, Napoleon Solo did not sleep with every woman he dated.

Tonight was such a night.

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Posting runs today through Sunday for this prompt:
What do you mean it's on its way?

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What's My Line? has returned and last week's prompt is...

What do you mean it's on the way?

Posting begins tomorrow and runs through Sunday, 9/25
what do you mean-
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We've had a hiatus in several of our challenges over the Summer months, but Fall is upon us and so are the returning events that have been lounging elsewhere.
Next week we'll begin posting What's My Line? once more, and today you have the first prompt of our new season of challenges.  The rules are like other challenges here on S7, but I'll list them again in case you're not sure.
Gen... that means mission centric, canon in nature, romance is okay but nothing that can be categorized as  Het or Slash.  If you do decide to venture into those waters, then posting is available on [livejournal.com profile] mfu_map_room or [livejournal.com profile] uncle_du_jour, respectively.
Word minimum: 500, with no limits.
Be inspired by the line and write a story involving any or all of our MFU characters.  Posting runs Thursday 9/22 through Sunday 9/25.

Fan Fiction Terms Glossary is a site that has a rundown of terms used in fanfiction.  It's a useful reference and something to keep bookmarked.

Okay, here it is, the prompt for next week's What's My Line?...
What do you mean it's on the way?
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My writing hasn't been as regular as I would like it recently, thanks to real life. As a result, I missed this week's 'Picfic' challenge. So, I decided to team it up with 'What's My Line?'.


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What's my line

The prompt: 'Oh what a beautiful morning!'

Napoleon Solo was dangling by his wrists, having been shackled and hung like a side of beef from the ceiling in...where ever this was? It looked like a basement, but he couldn't be sure.

He had no idea how he’d gotten here; the last thing he remembered was walking up the steps at Del Floria’s to the sidewalk where he whistled for a cab.  That was it, well of course the sudden pain he felt sharp pain in the back of his head and neck as well.

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We're going to have one last entry of What's My Line? before taking a summer break.  In consideration of the season, here it comes...
O What A Beautiful Morning!
I know some of you are now singing the score of Oklahoma, but honestly, our guys deserve a pretty day.
Regular guidelines: gen, 500 word minimum and, most important... have some fun with it.
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"Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night!"

That’s what the pilot called out to his three passengers seated in cabin of the private jet.

They were hitting a lot of turbulence and were heading right into a big storm, so big that it couldn’t be avoided.

Illya headed up to the cockpit and verified on the radar the size of the storm.

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I had a mixed up schedule last week and totally forgot to do this.  We have a What's My Line? challenge that will post starting next Thursday, April 28.  You can post these all weekend, and of course if you're late just post it when it's finished and ready.
As always it's Gen, suitable for all audiences.  If you go the Het route then posting is in [livejournal.com profile] mfu_map_room ... 500 words or more please.
Okay, are you ready for it? Here it is, one of the most famous lines in movie history and something that seems so MFU it makes me squeal a little..."Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy night!"
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What’s my line prompt “Holy___Batman!”

It wasn’ the first time, nor would it be the last that Illya Kuryakin found himself laid up in the Medical wing at the New York city headquarters of U.N.C.L.E.

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Holy _____ Batman, what do we do now?
Yes I'm serious.  Actually I'm laughing but I'm serious about the prompt.  Some of us grew up watching Batman on the iconic television show, and something that happened every week was Robin's exclamation: 'Holy _____ Batman, what do we do now?"
The choice is yours as to what the blank might be, and if you're not sure then you can check out this list:
Holy Wikipedia
Feel free to come up with your own as well.
Above all, have some fun.
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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Prompt - I should have known better.


It was disconcertingly easy for Napoleon to break into the Foxton clinic. For a place with apparent links to THRUSH, security was exceptionally lax. He easily picked the look of a rear door and slipped into what looked like a staff area. Opening the interior door, Napoleon found a reception area which, given the late hour, was deserted and in semi-darkness. Drawing his gun, he stepped out and began the search for his missing partner.

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Prompt: You Can't Do That!

Illya remained in the car, patiently at first, waiting for his partner to return. He laid his head back on the seat. With the top down on the silver convertible it was at  least comfortable as was a sunny day. It wasn’t quite Spring yet, but the sun was strong in a nearly cloudless sky, and with no breeze the Russian warmed up nicely.

Before Illya knew it he was out, and for once it was a pleasant, dreamless cat nap.

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