Jun. 27th, 2017

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Here's something new for us, and it's a little bit of a dry run in anticipation of another, bigger challenge.
I've opened a Summer Challenge on AO3 that has posting dates from July1 to August 31.  The theme is Summer of MFU, and the idea is to post your work on AO3, within the challenge site:
The Summer Affair

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 Am still a day behind....sigh.

Click on the Pic to Take you to AO3

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June 26 - Monday

The Short Affair Challenge posts
The Short Affair Challenge prompt
ABC Affair - T

June 27 - Tuesday

Open Posting
ABC Affair - U

June 28 - Wednesday

A Little Drabble Do Ya
ABC Affair - V

June 29 - Thursday

Open Posting
ABC Affair - W

June 30 - Friday

ABC Affair - X

July 1 - Saturday

ABC Affair - Y

July 2 - Sunday

ABC Affair - Z

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Some of our offerings here on Section VII will be going on hiatus for the Summer...that'll make plenty of time for you to focus on the new "Summer of MFU" Challenge being posted on AO3. The information on that can be found HERE.

Challenges etc. on hiatus will be as follows:
Song Story
What if?

On-going will be:
The Short Affair Challenge
The Great Episode Challenge
A Little Drabble Do Ya!
The LifeCycle Challenge.

Finishing out this week is 'The ABC Affair Challenge."

Of course you can also use the downtime to catch up on any challenges you've missed. (I know I'll be doing that! both writing and reading)
Open posting for Non-challenge stories is always on as usual!

It's going to be a great season for the Man from U.N.C.L.E.
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ABC Affair, Day 21
Title: U is for Ukraine
Author: Rose of Pollux
Word Count: ~520

Summary: In which Illya takes Napoleon to see what remains of his childhood home.

Available at my DreamWidth or on AO3 if you prefer reading there.


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