Sep. 5th, 2017

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Thanks to everyone for holding down the fort. Being without a computer has been a source of frustration for me, that and my muse taking off to parts unknown hasn't helped either. I'm back on line now thanks to pactnmmt, and am trying to catch up with everything I've missed...but alas the muse still hasn't returned. I do hope to post my (better late than never) Summer of Man from UNCLE story very soon!
Hope you all are enjoying the PicFic prompts and are inspired by them!
Write on!


Every Tuesday a photo prompt will be posted and you have until the following Tuesday to post your gen Man from UNCLE story. For those of you new to the challenge the rules are as follows:

rules behind the cut: )

Here's next week's rather Illya-centric prompt!
Let your imagination run with it!

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There's still time to post a story for today's PicFic prompt.  If you can't post today, just go with my motto of 'better late than never!"

Today's prompt again:

the rules of the challenge are HERE.
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(Just to let you know, those who have been following this story, I may come back to it...tell a little more about Millie and Carrie, and what if anything came next...)

A Letter,  part 12

Napoleon, his surviving daughter Carrie and her grandparents stood watching the coffin lowering slowly into the grave. Carrie dropped a single white rose onto the lid of the coffin, tears on her cheeks. Tom and Elsie led her away to wait by the car. Illya moved in beside Napoleon, fighting memories of his own. Napoleon’s shoulders were shaking, but he was making no sound.

           “We’ll destroy THRUSH one day, my friend.” Illya said softly. “I swear we’ll make them pay for killing Millie.”

           “Millicent Rose Solo, fifteen years old, killed by THRUSH.” He raised red eyes to Illya.

           “This is not over!”

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Just popping in to put up the guidelines for our last LIFECYCLE Challenge of the year, which has a theme of DENIAL.

The theme of DENIAL is pretty wide-open when it comes to the life of spies who constantly have to consider life-and-death situations. Do the guys sometimes purposely (or subconsciously) deny what the after-effects of one of their missions might be on "regular folks" who might be involved? Or do they indeed deny how those missions change their own personalities, perhaps not for the better? Those are questions to ponder indeed.

With that in mind, here are the guidelines for the LIFECYCLE: Denial seasonal challenge that will run from Saturday, September 16th through Saturday, September 23rd.

CHALLENGE: Write an MFU fanfic story regarding the idea of DENIAL. The story doesn't have to necessarily mention or include the actual term; just embody a scenario that fits the concept behind it. Do, however, place the term DENIAL in a comment at the start of the story for clarity.

STATISTICAL STUFF: Minimum of 500 words with no set maximum. (Drabbles are not incorporated in this particular challenge.) Must fit into the overall concepts of this community, i.e., contain no explicit adult material and reflect the 1960s series in style and content. Please tag your story with the lifecycle tag.


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