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Thanks to everyone who voted their choices in the poll.  I'm leaving it open for a while longer for anyone who might have missed it and still wants to jump in.  I'm also wondering if any of those questions might be fodder for a story?  What do you think about a little Impromptu Challenge?
After you get your Short_Affair stories up and running, think about a short short story based on the Poll questions. After all, a few of those scenarios are classic MFU material.
Go ahead, express yourself.
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How fantastic is this picture? Fab, just fab.  I was looking through the Archives and found this on a post I did where we were picking out what was unique in this scene.
To review:
Waverly in the corridor: it never happens again that I can recall
Napoleon's right side hair part.  I'm glad he didn't do that again.
Illya in beige trousers... please, that and a white shirt and a holster... THUD!!!  I don't know how they managed to make him look so hunky, because we all know he wasn't.  Still... here I go again... THUD!!!

If you'd like to put words to this please do.  Just a short little bit of dialogue perhaps, or send them off on a mission.  Take your time, we have all weekend.
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This is my response to the impromptu challenge which [livejournal.com profile] glennagirl issued yesterday. This story doesn't actually answer the question which was posed. The direction it took seemed out of my control.

Anyway, as usual, click the pic to go to AO3.

no title
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A response to the impromptu challenge made yesterday by Glennagirl...It's more of a response the the photo she posted.  The question posed was "What's wrong with Solo"...in my story it's more 'what's right with him.'

Click on the Pic to take you to the story:

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Since there's no PicFic today, how about an Impromptu Challenge.  We've had some photos showing up that feature a certain blond.  We need equal time for our handsome CEA, Napoleon Solo.  That doesn't mean Kuryakin can't show up in his glorious blondness, but this challenge is about the official Ladies Man of UNCLE HQ.
Let's have a story based on this:
What is wrong with Solo?

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What sort of diabolical plots could THRUSH have going now?
Write a story about these two kitties and the peril they are facing.
Or is it something less dangerous than a scheme from the Hierarchy?
You decide.
No minimum or max, just tell us a story.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 3.09.12 PM.png
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I missed posting a prompt for What If? yesterday, and today's Reading Room hasn't materialized either. My apologies for being off my game here but honestly, life has been throwing in distractions and weird schedules that I'm trying to fit into the normal box.
So, since I have today off and time is not slipping away too quickly, I'm posting what will hopefully be a help to all of us for the next few weeks.
[livejournal.com profile] alynwa has already announced the hiatus for Song Story, and I'm going to add to that and hope it is a moment for all of us to catch our breath, creatively speaking.
What If? will also be on hiatus for the rest of June and possibly July.  Let's use the time to catch up, write the stories you wanted to write but didn't get finished or even started.
Thursdays, which would have been Song Story and What If? days, are now open for everything you've missed out on.  Prompts from any challenge can be the focus of any story you want to post on Thursday, from Short_Affair to PicFic, Song Story, What If?, and challenges we aren't even currently running.  Remember What's My Line? Well, click on the tag and see if any of those prompts pique your interest.  Same goes for any prompt we've ever had here on Section VII.
Fifty years ago, 1967, was the Summer of Love.  Well, let's love MFU this summer and bring on the stories you have wanted to write but just didn't have time to finish.  Open up your minds to the Summer of MFU Love Challenge, and write what your heart is dictating to you now.
Ready, Set, LOVE...

artwork from the summer of love art project

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The Impromptu Shakespeare Challenge

Title: The Yorick Affair
Author: Rose of Pollux
Word Count: ~2600

Available on fanfic.net and also on AO3.

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Avirra is having problems getting onto LJ so am posting this for her

"Brush up your Shakespeare"

click on the image to take you to the story

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Genre: GEN
Length: approx 275 words
Rating: Everyone
Warnings: None

This one is short as my I haven't had much spare time lately. So not placing under a cut.


Author’s Note: Written for the IMPROMPTU CHALLENGE for Shakespeare's Birthday on LIVEJOURNAL’s SECTION VII community.


Let every eye negotiate for itself
~~~ William Shakespeare, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING

by LaH

Autumn 1971

Illya Kuryakin listened covertly to the conversation of three coeds who had just exited a philosophy class being taught by his undercover partner at this upscale women’s university.

“All I know,” forwarded a pert brunette, “is that he surely doesn’t look like any college professor I’ve ever encountered.”

“He’s a dreamboat all right,” agreed one of her companions with a vigorous nod of her head.

“Come on, gals,” quickly put in the third of the group. “No matter what he looks like, he’s an egghead for sure! Didn’t you notice how easily he was able to come up with quotes to illustrate his points regarding the texts? Shakespeare quotes all, I might add.”

The second coed again nodded vigorously.

“You’re right of course, Elsie,” the brunette, with a little sigh, now also agreed with the assessment of the third coed. “It just is so much sweet fodder for the imagination picturing him as more exciting than a bookworm with arbitrarily killer looks.”

“Probably never dated a woman in his entire nerdy life,” emphasized Elsie disappointedly. “What a cosmic waste of the universe’s limited supply of incredibly handsome genes!”

Illya let a little half-smile play just at the corners of his mouth. Sometimes Napoleon’s affinity for the Great English Bard really was an unexpected asset. Yet if these gals knew the truth about his partner’s equal affinity for romancing the fairer sex… Well, that might not prove much of an asset during this mission …though even he had to admit it sometimes had in the past.

—The End—
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Posting for the IMPROMPTU CHALLENGE for SHAKESPEARE's BIRTHDAY is open and will remain open through Sunday, 4/23.


Please remember to give you story a title and reference that it is being posted in response to the IMPROMPTU CHALLENGE for SHAKESPEARE's BIRTHDAY. Do use the impromptu challenge tag to identify your story. Finally, if yours is a longer story, please do post the majority under a cut as a courtesy to others.

Guidelines for the challenge can be found HERE.
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Just a reminder that the IMPROMPTU CHALLENGE for SHAKESPEARE's BIRTHDAY opens for posting this Friday, 4/21, and continues through Sunday, 4/23.


Guidelines for the challenge can be found HERE.
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This was a suggestion by [livejournal.com profile] laurose8.

April 23rd is Shakespeare's Birthday!


Since [livejournal.com profile] section7mfu is a writing site, what could be more appropriate than a challenge on the anniversary of the birth of the ultimate writer?

How you relate this to MFU is entirely up to your imagination, so run wild and free! (well mostly)

STATISTICAL STUFF: No minimum/no maximum word count. Drabble away if that suits your style, or take a longer route to your writing end. However, the story must fit into the overall concepts of this community, i.e., contain no explicit adult material and reflect the 1960s series in style and content. Please tag your story with the impromptu challenge tag.

POSTING: To this forum starting on Friday, April 21st, and ending on Sunday, April 23rd.
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I will admit that the face of our intrepid Russian seems to pop up more often than his American counterpart.  What are we gonna say to that? Illya Kuryakin just sparked something in more of us, possibly because he was different from us.  He was also a new face, not someone we'd seen before in a Western or another TV show.
I'm working at justifying a childhood obsession, so bear with me.
Anyway, I posted some photos that I'd never seen before over on [livejournal.com profile] mfu_scrapbook, and you can see them HERE
One of them is particularly intriguing, and I wonder if anyone might want to do some storytelling to go with it.  Let's call it an Impromptu Challenge.  Look it over and see what comes of it.

dmc copy.jpg
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This is a quick, rough and ready story in response to [livejournal.com profile] glennagirl's prompt. As with a lot of my stories, this may be expanded one day.

Prompt - Illya needs a haircut.


“Lord Peregrine Whittaker, of Oxford, England has passed away,” Mr Waverly told his top two agents. “As such, his title and fortune passes to his eldest son, Gerard.”

“Forgive me, Sir, but how is that of interest to us?”

“If you wait, Mr Solo, I shall enlighten you.”

Read more... )
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Illya's long hair was the prompt for the challenge.

They grabbed him from behind and pulled him into an alleyway not far from Del Floria’s Tailor Shop.  The Russian struggled to free himself but there were just too many of them, four to be precise and all wearing masks.

He presumed them to be T.H.R.U.S.H. but instead of knocking him out or killing him, Illya found himself held down. He had no idea what they were going to do to him; an injection perhaps?

Read more... )
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Illya's long hair was the prompt for this challenge...

"What did you say?"  Illya's palor was obvious, the eyebrows arched menacingly as the nurse stepped away from the Russian.

"I, um... I said ...' Nurse Barry sincerely wished she didn't have to make this pronouncement.

"You have head lice Mr. Kuryakin.  I am so sorry, but we're going to... the method of ..."

Read more... )
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Prompt - Illya needs a haircut.

“Where are you off to, Tovarisch?”

“I am going to the barbers.”

“Really? I take it Waverly has ordered you to finally get that mop cut.”

“Nyet. I decided for myself.”

“Seriously? I don’t understand. You hang on to your non-regulation hair like a shield of individuality. What has happened to make you want to change it?”

“I have simply come to the conclusion that life will be easier with shorter hair.”

“What does that mean?”

“For some reason, I get even more attention from the ladies when my hair gets longer.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”



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